Hearthstone JP-IME dictionary


The fact that you are reading this probably means:

  1. Your English is better than your Japanese, but
  2. You understand enough Japanese to use MSIME or Google Japanese Input, and
  3. You want to communicate with the Hearthstone Japanese community and/or just want to see what the card names are in Japanese.

This is my simplified repository of MSIME dictionary text files that allow you to type in simple 8bit phrases to turn into Hearthstone card names. (You can go to the Japanese side of the repository if you want the whole nine yards.)

I’m assuming you know how to add a dictionary file from a tab-delineated text file. I also recommend that, if you’re coming back for a newer version, to delete the old dictionary before adding the newer one.

If downloads ever fail, it means I didn’t update this side after updating the dictionary. Consult the Japanese download page in that case.


Latest update… ver:1.203(1/12/16, implemented workaround for words ending in N or NY not working)

Note that sstarting in ver1.2, there is an addendum dictionary in each zip file for all the special effects seen only in the mouseover tooltips. The addendum file are all of the Simple type due to the nature of the tooltips, and Works/No Origins zip files will have Simple but Bracketed versions.

Conjugation rules

The dictionary recognizes 8bit strings in the nomenclature
【hs】+【first 3-4 letters of the card name】 while in Hiragana Mode. Ignore any punctuation marks such as periods (i.e. input hsdrb for Dr. Boom) and colons (i.e. input hssi7 for SI:7 Agent).

It will look like complete gibberish, but when you push that space bar, every card that fits the rule will be displayed as your conjugation candidate.

 The display format for the conjugation candidates are as follows. I suggest starting with one of the “Simple” formats.

  • The Works
    Japanese name《class+mana cost|Atk/Hea(Dur)|Origin》English name
  • No Origins
    Japanese name《class+mana cost|Atk/Hea(Dur)》English name
  • Simple but Bracketed
    《Japanese name/English name》
  • Simple with no frills
    Japanese name/English name


Class abbreviations are pretty self-explanatory:
 Dru=Druid Hnt=Hunter Mag=Mage
 Pld=Paladin Pri=Priest Rog=Rogue
 Sha=Shaman War=Warrior Wlk=Warlock

Atk/Hea(Dur) is mostly self-explanatory, but may be in Japanese:
→Spells are noted as  スペル
→Weapons have a 武器 suffix
→Hero Powers are noted as ヒロパ
→Heroes and Bosses are noted as キャラ
Also, the numbers may be a bit off, especially if they’re different in normal/heroic mode. I didn’t want to bloat the files with every version of the same character/card, so take some of the numbers with a grain of salt.

Origin is just that, where you see the card/ability. Some of these are in Japanese, too:
→Crafting only cards are 合成
→Token stuff are 効果
→Tutorial/Adventure Mode stuff are ソロ
→If the adventure fight has a different name from the boss, the combat name is 戦闘

Sample conjugations are as follows…..

The Works
hsgri(it will look like: hsgり)
transforms to: ぐったりガブ呑み亭の常連《5|3/3|BRM》Grim Patron among other things

No Origins
hsinn(it will look like: hしん)
transforms to: 練気<Dru0|スペル>Innervate
among other things

Simple but Bracketed
hsbat(it will look like: hsばt)
transforms to: 《雄叫び/Battlecry》
among other things

Simple with no frills
hsbra(it will look like: hsbら)
transforms to: ブラン・ブロンズビアード/Brann Bronzebeard
among other things

If the 3rd letter of the card is an N and the 2nd letter isn’t an N, or if the 2nd/3rd or 3rd/4th letters are NY, you will need to tack on an additional letter (or two, if the 3rd/4th letters are NY). This is because IME is really weird and won’t register strings that end in N or NY.)

hssunr(it will look like: hっすんr)
transforms to: サンレイダー・フェリックス《キャラ》Sun Raider Phaerix

There are a couple easter egg type “nickname” strings as well, like hsdrbalance… 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this dictionary!